Executive Team


Izzy likes to think of herself as a triple threat: she can procrastinate, stress out, and still manage to get nothing done!


Niloo needs corn starch, rope, coconut oil and 3 green questions asked. Please see her immediately after the show. Immediately.

Stephanie wants to thank everyone for all the applause! No stop (no keep going), please stop it at once (kEeP gOiNg, I can’t hear you). Seriously, stop the show is about to start! (clap louder!)

When asked to write a blurb for Skule Nite, Bhoovi was confused. There are so many choices, but none of them seemed to satisfy her. When all seemed lost, she had an epiphany... [Insert Blurb]

Sophia is very mature for her age. She loves to party with older men at the local YMCA. Sophia also enjoys her alone time sipping earl grey tea and longing for her glory days with her 100+ cats. Sophia is 80 years old.

Scoopity Boop! Mikey C here to say welcome to the show man, it’s all the rage! I’m warning you with peace and love that you’ll have a far out time cause it’s a gas! Now gimme some skin! …please?

Andrew is investigating the secrets of the D.L. Pratt building. No one knows what it is or where it is, yet we all walk past it every day. His research makes him believe it’s an eldritch being that pre-exists the university.

NEW CHALLENGE: Try not to say "Derulo ~" every time you hear the name Jason (You WILL lose!).
REWARD: Ability to differentiate a miserable engineering student Jason from an international pop star Jason.

Nancy got first place for the first time in mario kart 2 years ago and is currently still riding that high. Rematch requests are strictly prohibited.

Keziah lives to put the Disco back in Disconnecting from Reality.
She swears her commitment to:
Save the Bees
Plant More Trees
Clean the Seas

Liam believes the world can be split into two types of people: those on bikes, and those not on bikes. Liam asks that all audience members stay firmly in the not on bikes category throughout the show. Liam doesn't want a repeat of [REDACTED].

Twas a quiet fall day when the wall to Christian's bedroom was shattered. An intricate glass figure, encasing a cherry red liquid emerged; "OH YEAHHHH!" filled the room. Christian was never the same.

Vuk has achieved many incredible feats:

- infiltrated the illuminati
- fended off a bear using only a piece of floss
- leaked KFC's 11 herbs and spices
- impersonated a member of the blue man group

Mila is a generous soul who loves to help her community. Whenever a long lost prince asks her for financial support, she doesn’t hesitate to help. Unrelated, but recently Mila is facing some money problems. If you would like to donate, please e-transfer her at

Izzy likes to think of herself as a triple threat: she can procrastinate, stress out, and still manage to get nothing done!